Why travel insurance is a must

For those who aren’t automatically insured through their bank or other institution, travel insurance is still one of the most overlooked items when booking a foreign holiday. Many are under the misconception that because they possess an EHIC card, this is all that they need and don’t bother with separate insurance. Whilst the card will get you emergency treatment in the EEC member states, it doesn’t cover other emergencies such as accommodation, transport home, lost baggage etc.

It’s madness that while more British tourists than ever are reporting crimes against them while on holiday, there are still thousands jetting off without any of travel insurance. What if you have to cancel before you even jet off? By ensuring you buy your insurance at the same time as you book your holiday will get you your money back. If your baggage gets lost, you need travel insurance to replace the items lost in the bags. No insurance, no compensation.

Loss or theft of possessions is the biggie, yes you can be vigilant but you should still be covered by insurance should the worst happen. If your hotel room is broken into and you lose cash or other items, the only way you will recover the value is through your holiday insurance. Make use of the safety deposit boxes that are available in most hotels, if your room should be broken into at least they can’t get to your valuables.

Don’t carry large amounts of cash around with you either, thieves abroad are expert pickpockets and your wallet or purse can be swiped in the blink of an eye. If you have an expensive camera or watch don’t flaunt them. Women should use bags that fasten securely, and preferable with a long handle so it can be worn diagonally across the body instead of just hanging across the shoulder.