Home Insurance

Home Insurance

Life is uncertain. Anything could happen anytime. Mishaps can even happen to and in your home. These mishaps can occur due to many reasons – natural calamities and man-made mistakes, terrorist activities are some of them. But they should not make you lose the determination to live and get back on your feet. You should… Continue reading Home Insurance

Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance

Group insurance is a form of insurance coverage that covers several people within the same policy. Though most commonly associated with health insurance coverage, group life insurance policies may be purchased as well. In many cases, group insurance coverage is purchased for employees that have a common employer. Group insurance may also be purchased by… Continue reading Group Health Insurance


Car Surfing

When I was in my teens, we thought we were the coolest, that we were doing stupid stuff that our parents never would have done, and that we were invincible. But if worrying new reports coming out of America are anything to go by, our antics were relatively tame, and safe. I mean, the most… Continue reading Car Surfing