Insuring Your Future?

The common hue and cry from across our nation has to do with the multitude of bankruptcies and loan defaults.  However, joining this chorus are the voices of those in other nations who find themselves in similar circumstances. Rather than focusing on pointing fingers and laying blame, our time would be better spent talking about… Continue reading Insuring Your Future?


What should I insure?

Most people are unaware of items of value that they may need to insure. While most items of great value are compulsory to insure, like cars, there are things that need to have value placed in order to not lose any quality of life in the incidence of an accident. Things like pets can also… Continue reading What should I insure?

Life Insurance

What is Life Insurance?

As we get older, we have to start worrying about different types of insurance. Once we get a car we must look into car insurance. Once were out on our own financially, we must look into health insurance. Finally, when were old enough to start worrying about our own death, life insurance comes into play.… Continue reading What is Life Insurance?


Mortgage Payment Protection

Mortgage payment protection is an important type of insurance that protects your mortgage and thus your property in case you are unable to earn an income and repay your mortgage installments. Accidents, illnesses and unemployment happens and mortgage lenders will invariably ask for a mortgage payment protection cover when you contract a loan to purchase… Continue reading Mortgage Payment Protection

Auto Insurance

Budget Car Insurance

Want to know the secret to getting budget car insurance rates in the UK? Get as many quotes as you can, from as many companies as you can, big and small companies alike. Yes, it’s hard labour, but if you’re looking for cheapest, budget car insurance rates, get your keyboard dirty and start filling out… Continue reading Budget Car Insurance